Terra Shiba

The #1 Shiba token on Terra Network

About Terra Shiba

In response to a huge amount of shitcoin scams in the Terra ecosystem, the @terracommunitylaunchpad and @safufiverrdev funded and created Terra Shiba.

We want to prove that legit shitcoins can exist on any blockchain network and are not always scams.

Terra Shiba was started with a community funded liquidity of only 6000 UST.

The goals are to bring utility at a later point, and also to build a decentralized meme token factory, which allows others to launch meme tokens safely.

How to buy

1. Bridge UST to Terra Chain using Terra Bridge

2. Go to TerraSwap

3. Type UST in the first box

4. Type tShiba in the second box

5. Select the token ending on terra140k6k2p...gkgfeevq

Dynamic Roadmap

Phase 1

✓ Create Terra Community Launchpad Telegram
✓ Create Terra Shiba Telegram
✓ Create Terra Shiba website
✓ Collect funds for liquidity

Phase 2

✓ Deploy smart contract
✓ Add liquidity and launch
✓ Burn LP Tokens
✓ 1000 Telegram members
✗ Influencer Promotions
✗ Debate and vote for utility

Phase 3

✗ Deliver utility | dApp and turn shitcoin into utility coin


1,000,000,000,000 Total Supply
93% Liquidity
2% Safufiverrdev Team
5% Community Development



1 Trillion





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